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Our beliefs

We exist to help the good guys win. We do this at a time of unprecedented change in commerce and consolidation within the insurance industry, be restructuring the basis of competition. At a time when many in our industry are focusing on economic capital, through innovative and enabling technology, we leverage our client's strengths to turn their knowledge capital into a value-add differentiator and accelerator.


We make their business faster, better and stronger.

Our story

About us

LinCCube was established by James Burke, the pioneer behind Simplexed software and former senior IT developer at Brightside insurances.

LinCCube brings together the key learning's from the insurance industry's years at platform development, systems integration, aggregation and comparison sites and leverages that know-how to create a totally new operational paradigm, suitable for insurers and financial service operators interested in engaging with their customers and prospects.


LinCCube pivots an insurers or distributors potential customer base by maximizing the potential of their knowledge capital, thereby allowing a new means of competing - at scale. LinCCube allows our clients to reshape the rules of competition whilst creating faster, smarter and easier customer journeys.


Digitalisation Xperience

Linguistics Digitalisation Xperience is a state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition & text based topic modelling technologies that can organically identify, in real time, the most salient topics from the source content, where topics are not known in advance.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Xperience is an innovative piece of market-leading software, developed in tandem with a Dublin-based software engineering team. DLx is the next step in market segmentation technology. Using advanced analytical algorithms, DLx can easily identify subtle differences in the market and categorize the market into a series of niche groups, making for simple and effective market analysis.

Our services

The LinCCube platform seamlessly blends together functionality, content and applications; empowering your business to integrate existing and legacy back-office systems quickly, giving you one secure sign on, one view of your customers and one source of 'true' data.


With a wide range of existing web services into both software houses and capacity providers underpinning a quick to market delivery

Key benefits

Cost effective pricing model

Industry-leading speed to market delivery

Reducing business expenses ratios

Pre-optimised and 'ready to go' functionality

One unified and clear brand image across all channels

Innovative emerging technology

Agile platform that can be developed by your staff

Future proofing your business for years to come

Speed to Market


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